January 18, 2019 4:05 pm


Hi, I’m out on the last day of March on a walk, early spring, and  I’m delighted to find one of my favourite medicinal blooms, the first medicinal bloom on spring, which is right here – this bright yellow flower, called coltsfoot, which is often mistaken for dandelion. The yellow blooms look like dandelion, in fact they’re closely related, but the main difference here is that coltsfoot produces the flower before leaves, unlike its close relative over here, the dandelion. You can see the greenery appears first like it does with most plants, then later on the stem and the flower appear. So coltsfoot is early this year. It usually appears a week or two into April, and you can see it likes gravel — it will grow through the roughest conditions.
And I’m excited to find coltsfoot because I will use it in a tea or in a herbal honey to help with colds, to help with those lingering coughs and congested lung states. It’s very good to just clear the way – clear winter out of the way and make our way into spring, and we have an early spring this year. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am, and enjoy the ever-blossoming events of spring. Bye.