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1-Year Program


Discover the transformative
power of plants.

This program is a synthesis of material from my in-person program, reformatted to accommodate those who prefer to learn online.  We will meet live, online, twice monthly, following the flow of the seasons, from September to June.

Have you ever wanted to...

...know more about your body and how to take good care of it in a holistic way?

...identify the plants growing in the wild and learn how to use them as food and medicine? 

...learn how to make home remedies safely and effectively, to care for yourself and your family?

Interactions with plants are integral to herbal learning. You will be carefully instructed on where and when to locate a wide range of medicinal plants growing in your region, maybe even in your backyard.  You will be sent on plant identification expeditions in your area, reporting your findings during our online class.

You'll be given step-by-step instructions on medicine making techniques.

Additionally, each session will include material on a variety of holistic wellness topics including Ayurveda, common ailments, flower remedies, whole food nutrition & superfoods, spring cleanse and more.

To enhance the experiential learning component of your herbal study, you will receive a herbal tasting kit which will include key herbs covered in the program.

Immerse yourself in the
healing power of plants. 

In this year-long seasonal wellness program you'll form dynamic relationships with  over 100 helpful plants.

My goal in offering this program is to provide you with experiences and knowledge to increase awareness of yourself and the natural world, both vast sources of wisdom and healing. We will explore, in an experiential way, the value of seasonal attunement, nature’s remedies, mind-body awareness and holistic living in order to create a personal model for health and wellness.

You'll receive a herb kit for each season (total value $200), which will include samples of key herbs explored in class, in the form of teas, tinctures and powders.

Optimize your health & well-being.

Much more than a herbal medicine course, this is a

holistic self-care program 

during which you will create a

personalized wellness plan for yourself, 

using the seasons and elements as a guide.


You will get to know yourself and your body,

and learn how to use Ayurvedic techniques

to balance your constitution. 

By the end of the year, you’ll have compiled a personalized seasonal reference guide that you can use year after year, as you continue to deepen your relationship to healing herbs.

Hi, I'm Savayda. I am excited to once again be welcoming a new group of herb and health enthusiasts to this program, which has been evolving over the past fifteen years.  

It keeps getting better and better.

I created this Holistic Herbal Wellness Program because...

Plant study changed my life, like a light switch going on, I was turned on and tuned in to my environment in a much more meaningful way.

I've been enchanted ever since.

We live so close to the plants, they are all around us, yet most people seem disconnected from the natural world. I created this course to facilitate this re-connection and to empower people to live healthier, happier lives by including herbs in their lifestyle.


Classes begin in September 2024
Live online classes with Savayda on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

The course includes 36 hours of live, online instruction, recordings of the classes, plus supplemental videos.


Classes start in September,

In this course a connection a larger community, to the outdoors and to the magic of plants is fostered throughout the seasons. It helped me realize that the journey to health is cyclic and get in touch with my own rhythms.

This course is a great intro to herbalism and a true gift to one's Self.

Sophie Pilipczuk

Science & Spirit

You’ll learn the different systems of your body, how they are interconnected, and how plants can affect you as a whole. 

We’ll explore the mind-body-spirit connection and see how plant-spirit medicine can help us work with our emotions,

reduce stress, and uplift us. 

You'll form meaningful relationships with the plants, getting to meet them in their habitat so you can taste, touch, feel, identify, harvest, and enjoy them. 

Beneficial topics include: 

  • Medicine Making: Make your own herbal tonics, including tinctures, salves, and syrups
  • Healthy Eating: The vitality of whole, fermented, and super foods, and how to prepare them.
  • Ayurveda: Identify your Ayurvedic dosha and how to balance it.
  • Body systems: How the systems of your body work and how they're interconnected.
  • Plant attunement: How to attune with plants in nature.
  • Flower essences: How to make and use flower essences
  • Herbal beauty: Herbal skin care recipes
  • Plant pharmacology: Introduction to how phytochemicals in plants affect our bodies

Restore & Reconnect

As a part of this program, you'll also get these two

powerful detoxification and rejuvenation modules.

Herbal Detox Cleanse

This three week cleanse helps to ease us through the winter/spring transition and will leave you feeling revitalized, with lasting healthy eating habits.

DIY Herbal Facial

We will enjoy a five part, all natural facial that is easy to repeat at home using simple ingredients.

We co-evolved with herbs, and we are designed to integrate plant molecules into our bodies and lives.

Whole plants heal whole people. 

Whole Plants

We learn to make medicines using whole plant parts, resulting in a remedy with a broad spectrum of phytochemicals. 

Long term safe and effective use of these methods has been established because this is how herbs have been used for centuries, before science started isolating their constituents. 

Whole People

It is far more important to know the person who has the disease than the disease the person has. 


Knowing the disease means treating specific symptoms, but herbal medicine considers the whole person including factors such as constitution, stress and overall health.

Happy Plant People

This online course is an adaptation of an in-person course

that Savayda has been running for 20 years. 

Here are some stories from the in-person course.

Meet Coleen

This course has created a growing community of students, and has influenced a movement toward herbal medicine in the Maritimes. Personally, I noticed that the process of year-long commitment strengthened relationships between participants, with family and friends I care for, and with myself.

By cultivating this knowledge, and empowering learners, the course helps connect individuals to their health, their inner healer, and moreover, to nature. I think many of my classmates resonated with the feeling one fellow student expressed:

“I don’t want it to end!” In fact, I see this course as extremely valuable on my path, and the experience continues to be relevant long after the classes concluded.

Meet Bernadette

Thank you for all the teachings.. it seems like every class makes me more thankful for the opportunity to learn and share plant wisdom and magic. This has been a journey that I had not anticipated when I first signed up for the classes. I am both grateful

and curious to continue learning about herbs that our grandmothers and great grand mothers used to help their families be healthy and happy again, Thank you Savayda, … your teachings are inspiring and ……awesome!!

Meet Valerie

I have enjoyed all aspects of every class, workshop, seminar and all of the time we have spent together.  You are an amazing facilitator and your thoughtful approach to the information you present does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  Your incorporation of the herb visits, the medicine making, the historical info and the spiritual aspects of the herbs into our journey has been incredibly well balanced and very interesting. 

I know that I am blessed to have your guidance and inspiration in my life and I can’t imagine it any other way.  Please know that you have touched my life in a profound and everlasting way and I am grateful beyond words.

Meet Alyssa

This year long herb course finds the abundant beauty in Halifax. Savayda has a wonderfully knowledgeable outlook of the wild things around us and she is an inspiration to follow the woodland trails with.  This course drew in an incredible group of plant lovers. We learned and laughed together in the welcoming environment, while capturing a thorough introduction to Ayurvedic and Western medicine, anatomical body systems, meditation, Bach flower remedies, and plant identification/preparation. Collectively learning in accordance to the season.

The paths may differ from all those seeking knowledge of herbal medicine. For the ones who enjoy herb walks, sipping medicinal teas and learning hands on, this course will be sure to reward them.

The program includes:

  • 36 hours of live, online group classes
  • 200 pages of course materials including herbal monographs, worksheets, and diagrams
  • Supplemental videos for each class (total of 5 hours)
  • Recordings of classes in case you miss one
  • Herb Tasting Kit, one for each semester (total value: $200)
  • Supplemental (optional) in-person learning opportunities during the spring and summer.
  • Learn 100 herbs, most being local plants found in your area
  • Online community space to interact with fellow students
  • Monthly, practical, medicine making and herb foraging assignments
  • A 3 week spring cleanse 
  • A complete DIY herbal facial with recipes

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