Mayflower Herbal Studies (transitioning to the Bloom Institute for Herbal Studies) was created by Savayda thirteen years ago
from the desire to connect people with the abundance of healing plants growing in our communities,
to teach people how to take charge of their health, and to generate a widespread herbal movement in the
Maritimes. Her love and enthusiasm for plant medicine is contagious, and the only cure is more plants.
(formerly Mayflower Herbal Studies)

The herbs have been waiting for you! If you are ready to connect deeply with nature and the abundance of plant medicine growing all around us, then these courses are for you. Discover the medicine, magic and beauty offered by plants and learn how to identify, grow, harvest and transform herbs into medicine. Be in direct relationship with plants and watch your life change ~ you may be surprised by what you discover about yourself.

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The Bloom Institute for Herbal Studies
Bloom Herbal Practitioner Program

A three-year program to become a professional herbalist.
Begins September 2018.

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For Children

Interactive nature learning through all the seasons.  We meet once a month, outdoors, for twelve months, to explore the herbs growing in our community.

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