Grow a Healing Garden
with the Bloom Institute

Would you love to be able to relax in a beautiful herb garden in the South End of Halifax? 

Do you want to help create an educational and healing garden for the enjoyment of everyone?

The Local Council of Women and The Bloom Institute are teaming up to expand the garden on the property of the historic George Wright House in Halifax. The garden, open to the public, will contain a multitude of medicinal herbs and flowers, and a sheltered pavilion available for classes, lunch breaks, and just relaxing among the plants.

Bloom Institute and the Local Council of Women are building an outdoor classroom in a medicinal herb garden that will be open to the public. 

Who is it for?

  • the Community
  • the LCW
  • Bloom Institute

Bloom Institute of Holistic Living & Learning is a school of herbal medicine that offers accredited professional programs, and holistic plant-focused self-care programs.

One of the features that sets the Bloom Institute apart among schools of herbal medicine is emphasis on developing relationships with live plants, ideally in their habitats.

Bloom students go on field trips to fields and forests to develop an understanding of the life cycle of plants and how they can make and use more sustainable, more effective medicines by thinking in terms of “seed to bottle.”

This garden and pavilion will help Bloom students get more first-hand experience with plant medicine, where they will get to practice plant care and cultivation.


The majority of funds raised in this campaign are going towards the pavilion, which will be a design-build project by students of Dalhousie School of Architecture, for a course called Free Lab..

By donating to this campaign, you're not only supporting the Local Council of Women, and Bloom Institute, you're also helping architecture students get hands-on experience with a full-scale project.

The pavilion will be designed and partially built by a group of students from Dalhousie University’s School of Architecture, in 2020 for a course called Free Lab. 


Free Lab is a two-week design-build course  that gives students the opportunity to work on a full-scale project so they can get hands-on experience. They discover things about gravity, weather, working in teams and working with clients. “It’s an opportunity to test the imagination and get adventurous,” says Emanuel Jannasch, Free Lab Coordinator. “The philosophy behind it is that there are things that you learn in reality that you don’t learn on the drawing board and that you learn things working in full scale that you don’t learn making a little model,” 

Outdoor pavilion objective:  Covered, multi-purpose outdoor room to accommodate 15-20 people for activities such  as teaching, story-telling, private functions, afternoon tea, relaxation/lunch area for tenants.

In Kind Donations

If you would like to contribute, but are unable to donate money at this time, we would also appreciate donations in the form of:

  • plants
  • mulch
  • lumber
  • gardening tools


Building the garden will be a lot of work, and a lot of fun, so if you would like to help us over the next few months, please join our email list, and follow Bloom Institute on Facebook for updates about work party events. 

Our Progress



How Else Can I Help?

Please help us make this a reality by sharing with your network, sharing on Facebook and Twitter. 

Thank you!

Help us foster wellbeing in the community with your contribution to our healing garden.


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