Women’s Health

Modern Problems


It is difficult to keep hormones balanced in a body that has lost homeostasis. Our health is at risk due to the toxicity we are exposed to in our environment, poor lifestyle, drug residues, food contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals, and chemical laden cosmetics and household products. The effects can be seen in the rising incidences of infertility, gynecological disorders and cancers.




When menstrual problems are seen as a call from the body for balance through changes such as better nutrition, rest, stress relief, and protection from chemical toxicity, women become more skilled at self-care and preventative medicine.


Fertility awareness offers much more than an effective method of birth control. It puts a women in touch with the distinct phases of her cycle – pre-ovulation, ovulation, post ovulation and menstruation. Each phase brings different bodily experiences, energy levels, creativity, moods, emotional states, sexual drives, thoughts and concerns.


Women have turned to herbal remedies to restore balance to their health for centuries. Herbs help to correct problems such as PMS, infertility, fibroids, endometriosis, irregular cycles, and ovarian cysts. They are used as supportive tonics during menarche, pregnancy, and menopause. Some of my favorite herbs for women’s health are chaste tree berry, motherwort, wild yam, mugwort, raspberry leaf, black cohosh, and partridge berry.


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