Clinical Training

Clinical Training for Student Practitioners

Obtain clinic practicum experience at the Bloom Student Clinic.

This opportunity would appeal to those studying to become a registered herbal practitioner, whether it be online or during/after training at a herb school. Each provincial herbal association requires a minimum of 300 hours of clinical experience to receive professional designation. The Bloom student training clinic provides students with practical skills, meeting with clients and taking case histories, dispensing herbal remedies and other dispensary procedures. Under the guidance and supervision of herbalist Savayda Jarone, you will benefit from her professional experience and wisdom gained from over 23 years of clinical practice. 

Clinical Hours

Clinical hours are available from September to July each year (except December), up to 120 hours per year. Student clinic is held on the third Thursday and Friday of each month. Week-long clinic intensives are periodically available, check with Savayda for dates.

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