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Savayda Jarone RHP, has been in clinical practice as a herbal practitioner for 20 years. She specializes in women’s wellness, pregnancy, children’s health, endocrine balance, immunity and stress management. She will create a collaborative relationship with you, customizing care to your unique needs, while offering in-depth clinical experience, herbal expertise and diet/lifestyle coaching.

Most people think too much. Get them to laugh and half their troubles and sickness will go away and the blessed herbs will do the rest
~ Miss Hortense Robinson, Herbalist, Midwife

A detailed case history is taken, including information on your diet, lifestyle, medication and supplement use. Physical examinations may be performed. An assessment of your health is made and herbal remedies will be prepared at the end of each session. A detailed outline of herbal, dietary and other recommendations will be sent to you. A follow-up consultation is usually scheduled for two to four weeks after the initial visit and others will follow at suitable intervals to monitor your healing process.

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90 minutes

$120 +HST


45 minutes

$90  +HST


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Karen M.

Savayda is a true healer in every sense of the word. She is authentic, tremendously knowledgeable about the diverse world of herbs, and compassionate with a keen ear to observe and assess each client carefully to pinpoint the medicinal herbs necessary to synergistically work together to heal any dis-ease/disease.   She combines a holistic approach to healing for the body, mind and spirit.  Savayda assisted and guided  me on my journey back to vibrant health by considering all aspects of my lifestyle and body systems (endocrine, lymphatic, digestive, nervous, etc) and by combining herbal remedies and coaching.  Savayda honors our Mother Earth and her magic is infectious!

H. R.

I have been working with Savayda Jarone for over one year. Before starting with the herbs, my urinary incontinence as a result of prostate cancer surgery in 2003 was quite bad. Several months after using the herbs it improved dramatically. As well, my sleep and digestion improved, along with a lessing of anxiety and depression. During the past year, there has been no change in potential stressors, exercise, medications and natural supplements…so I am reasonably sure that the herbs have played a significant role with all this. Savayda is a dream to work with – she listens well and creates a space where I can talk about things that I usually keep bottled up.

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