Bloom In Halifax

George wright house

The Bloom Institute is located in the south end of Halifax, on the most unique streetscape of the city, Young Avenue, situated within one of the grandest heritage buildings of Nova Scotia.
The building, known as the George Wright House, or Local Council of Women building, was constructed in the late 1800's, and is a designated historic site, with many beautifully preserved qualities such as original fireplaces, lighting and stain glass windows. The warmth of the wooden interior, spacious rooms and timeless elegance make visitors want to linger.

Classroom & Apothecary

The majestic maple trees bordering one edge of the property let in just enough light for the herb gardens, and there are plenty more herbs within walking distance at Point Pleasant Park, one of Blooms favourite locations for herb classes.

The Bloom clinic and apothecary inhabits the first floor “round room”, plus a library / study space on the second floor. Classes are held in the community sunroom, with a kitchen for medicine making.

This precious old building is the perfect home for a herbal clinic and apothecary; like the building, herbal medicine has stood the test of time. The Bloom space, and all of the herbs within, provides an uplifting and sacred container to open up to the possibilities for herbal healing.

The health of the environment is closely linked to personal health. --Esther Sternberg MD, Healing Spaces

Blue Forest on the Eastern Shore

Continuous learning

Savayda’s home in Head of Jeddore on the Eastern Shore is called Blue Forest to reflect the surrounding woodsy landscape, ocean and sky, plus it happens to be situated in a United Nations designated “blue forest zone”. The property is home to over 100 medicinal plants, spread amongst the herbal gardens and pristine wild landscape. Here you can make connections with plants in their natural habitats, learn plant identification, herb gardening and have access to fresh herbs for remedy making.

Designed with nature immersion, herbal education and holistic wellness experiences in mind, Blue Forest is the perfect host for Bloom Institute courses and events. Additional features include a sauna, swimming, boating and hiking.Relax and learn in the quietude of the sprawling wilderness, lush gardens and the ebb and flow of the Atlantic shoreline.

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