The Herbal Clinic

It is my belief that our modern day health problems are, in part, due to widespread plant deficiencies. By plant deficiencies I mean:

  • low consumption of fresh, high quality, chemical-free fruits and vegetables
  • an absence of herbs as food, tonics and medicine
  • disconnection from the plants growing around us in nature

People of all nations evolved over thousands of years using plants as medicine. Along with the plant foods, herbs were used on a regular basis to maintain good health. People had a direct and enriching relationship with plants and nature. Modern plant deficiencies have been developing over the past eighty years, beginning with the onset of the chemical age. Rates of cancers, diabetes, infertility, depression and other chronic dis-eases are increasingly on the rise. The connection is obvious. To help halt and reverse the degeneration of our species, we must bring back the plants, in a big way!
Book a consultation in our herbal clinic to find out which herbs would be the most benefit to you.

My mission as a herbalist is to help people connect with healing herbs.

Private Consultations

Are you ready to find lasting solutions to your health challenges while using gentle, yet powerful plant medicines and a system of healing that combines ancient wisdom with modern understanding of disease and health? Savayda has had a herbal clinical practice for over 15 years, and offers her extensive experience, skill and heartfelt desire to assist you with your healing. Herbs can assist anyone, no matter what their illness may be. Read more to discover what a herbal consultation would entail.

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Herbal Dispensary

Plants are incredibly complex, containing up to hundreds of molecules that interact in unique ways to stimulate healing. The quality of the herbs and their preparation, just like the foods we eat, plays an integral role in healing outcomes. Our herbal clinic dispensary consists of over 200 herbs, many of which are local to Nova Scotia.

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Student Clinic

A student clinic session lasts 60-90 minutes. The herbal practitioner will conduct a full health review and may perform physical examinations.

Based on the clinical assessment, a customized herbal protocol will be designed along with dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Follow-up appointments are encouraged and scheduled based on client need.

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