April 29, 2024 9:29 am

Reflections upon my spring cleanse.
Spring has summoned me to do a cleanse for the past 25 years;
this three-week ritual is equivalent to a reset button for mind and body.
A primary goal of mine is to engage DISCIPLINE and stoke WILL POWER.
I am MOTIVATED by the desire to feel better, improve digestion and to ease through the transition from winter eating (which includes lots of comfort foods) into a healthier spring/summer diet. I also want to lose some weight.
DISCIPLINE is a virtue I am always dancing with, and not always gracefully. The cleanse keeps me virtuous while I practice better dietary habits, which I will integrate into my normal mode of eating post cleanse.
WILL POWER, the ally of DISCIPLINE, is a muscle that needs conditioning. It’s hard to say no to my favourite cup of milky black tea with cookie. Achieving the goals of my cleanse boosts confidence in my ability to exercise WILL POWER in other aspects of life.
My efforts are assisted by the force of momentum; it only takes a few days of disciplined change to shift habits in favour of better health. It amazes me to drop my cravings for comfort foods, they lose their appeal; I am able to enjoy a piece of fruit as much as the cookie.

Now two-thirds of the way through the cleanse, my goals have already come to fruition, which MOTIVATES me to continue because I prefer feeling good rather than the alternative.
Visit me at Bloom during drop-in hours or book an appointment to explore how to include a cleanse in your spring plans. The cleanse includes dietary modification, herbal remedies and other supportive activities to enhance the experience. It can be a foundation from which to approach other health goals.
Happy Beltane – spring is already half over!