August 7, 2019 1:34 pm

These delicious, tangy, floral superfood popsicles look like blood orange because of the red centre and orange shell, but they’re actually cherry-schizandra flavoured. 

superfood popsicle coverYou can easily make the cherry base with any popsicle mold, but I’m sorry to say that the only way that I know of to make the orange shell is with a Quick Pop Maker. I’ll give instructions for the orange shell, but just ignore that part if you don’t have one. The black cherry base is delicious all on its own.

Black cherries are a potent superfood with many health benefits. The juice is high in anthocyanins, which are anti-inflammatory and naturally pain-relieving. Consuming black cherries regularly can help with joint-related disorders such as arthritis.They also contain tryptophan (of turkey fame) and melatonin, which both promote good sleep. And like other colourful fruits, they are high in anti-oxidants which are good for the immune system, and preventing disease.


Schizandra is an adaptogen, which is a category of tonic herbal medicines that build overall resiliency, and activate digestion and liver function. It is used to combat fatigue under physical stress and to increase endurance. 


Step 1: Make Schizandra Syrup.

¼ cup schizandra berries

1-2 inch piece of orange zest, peeled off with a peeler

250ml water

100 ml honey


Gently boil the schizandra berries in the water for 15 minutes. Strain. Stir the honey into the liquid before it cools. Mix well. Let cool. Store in the fridge. 

Make the shell (optional)

For this option you’ll need a Quick Pop maker and a straw (preferably a reusable one)

Pour OJ into the ice pop mold, wait 30 seconds, drink out the liquid orange juice from the middle. If you’re concerned about hygiene, you can also use a slim turkey baster to suck the liquid out. 


Make the Superfood Popsicles Base

250 ml black cherry juice

3 tbsp schizandra syrup

1 tsp orange flower water

Mix in a 2c measuring cup. 

Pour into freezer pop molds or into Quick Pop mold with prepared Orange Shell. 

Freeze and enjoy! 


superfood popsicles pinAugust is Medicinal Freezer Pop month – check out last week’s recipe for Vegan S’mores Fudgesicles with marshmallow root powder, and stay tuned next week for a sophisticated Baklava-inspired popsicle.